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As a counsellor I provide with empathy, a safe, supporting and non judgemental space in which you can share feelings and thoughts with the aim of enhancing your understanding of them and improve your wellbeing.

  • It is a space to think and talk about you and you alone.

  • Explore parts of yourself and help you make sense of them.

  • Let out stress and teach you how to cope better.

  • Talk about something difficult that you did not share before. 

What can I expect in counselling?
What is the first step to start my counselling sessions?

If you are ready to schedule a session click "Book online" for an individual appointment. If you have further question you can click "contact me."

For new clients send an email to and I will send you the intake form to fill before session.

What are the session rates?

CAD 135 for 50-minute individual sessions. 

CAD 150 for couple sessions.

Cancellation policy

Cancellations made up to 12 hours before the sessions are free. Less than 12 hours in advance cancellations are fully charged.

Which therapy do you use?

Please refer to Therapies page. 

How do I know if you are the right counsellor for me?

Thank you for asking this important question. As I pointed out in other pages on this website, I consider the therapeutic alliance between client and counsellor one of the foremost factors for the success of therapy. As we want to work together in a safe place, with reciprocal trust and understanding, your choice has to be accurate. 

After having checked my profile and my qualifications, you can send me a brief introductory email so i can see if I am able to help you with your issue. 

In the first session you can listen to your feelings, if you feel safe and at ease to open up with me. Consider the sensations you might have, both positive and negative. In the second session you can reinforce those sensations and we can discuss   them together in order to understand if our professional counselling relationship can be successful or if it is better if I refer you to someone else.

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