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Choice of Therapy

As a counsellor I believe that one of the most powerful factors in the process of emotional and psychological healing is the therapeutic alliance between client and therapist.

With empathy I try to create a relationship with my clients based on trust, active listening and non judgemental attitude. Once trust and a safe environments are created, you are able to truly be yourself and learn and grow more. It also gives the opportunity to experience what a healthy relationship is, allowing you to drop your mask and feel safe just being who you are in front a someone impartial who wants the best outcome for you.

Being a person-centred counsellor I understand that better results are obtained with empathy and genuine, unconditional positive regard towards my client.

Another important point that is the base of my sessions is the respect of the different clients. Individuals from different social and cultural backgrounds, different circumstances and moments in life have different needs to be met.

Everyone is unique. 

Therefore I choose  a tailor made the therapy which is more suitable for you, considering your particular issue, your unique personality and your needs.







I use effective tools and techniques from renowned theories and therapies and adapt them to my client. As I am trained in Transactional Analysis, Schema Therapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Mindfulness therapy, Motivational Interviewing and Narrative Therapy, Positive Psychology and other therapies originated from them, I adapt the one I consider more appropriate for the particular need.

It is important to note that since clients are all different and have different needs, the counsellor should work with the client in order to create a tailored therapy, it is advisable to try not to be sectarian and apply therapeutic pluralism using different therapy approaches to reach an effective intervention. 

Irvin Yalom

Sandy Beach
Meditation by the Sea

Motivational Interviewing

Narrative Therapy

Positive Psychology

Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Transactional Analysis

Schema Therapy

Behavioural Therapy


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